We follow three main principals when creating a logo.

Make it Unique.

A good logo needs to be unique. We'll create that by focusing on what makes your business different, better and preferable to your competition.


Keep it Simple.

When a logo is clean, bold and easy to read, it acts like an advertisement, clearly telling viewers who you are and what you stand for. Conversely, when a logo is a jumble of shaded colors, text and graphics, all it imparts is a sense of confusion. Our goal is to  focus on a simple design that engages without confusing the viewer.


Consider all uses.

It is easy to fall in love with a logo when it is printed in color on a standard piece of paper, but a working logo has to stand out when you use it in other ways, as well. It needs to be legible you reduce it in size on letterhead or a business card. It also needs to be adaptable for use on your website, Powerpoint presentations and business documents. We think ahead and design for any purpose that will employ your logo.

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